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Save time, eliminate hassle, and don’t put yourself at risk — let us clean your windows, empty your gutters, and clean your roof.

Good 2CU is your full-service home care business – cleaning and protecting from the roof down to the sidewalk. Serving homes and businesses throughout Whatcom County. As a family-owned company, all of our customers matter. From the moment we meet you, to the final payment and inspection, we treat your property as if it were our own. And with guaranteed scheduling and satisfaction, we provide the quickest, most risk-free solution to make your property shine.

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Ruthie Reyes from Ferndale, WA
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Window Cleaning

We know that you are busy and have other essential things to do with your time. Our professional bonded and insured window washing team can handle any size property. We offer exterior only window cleaning that includes screen cleaning and inside/outside window cleaning that includes not only screen cleaning, but also track and frame cleaning. We will arrive on time with all of the necessary equipment, including shoes and ladders only used inside — and other materials to keep your house clean while we make your windows shine.

window cleaning project

We also offer...

commercial window cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

Clean and clear windows can help contribute to a tidy look and professional atmosphere, providing a more pleasant workspace for employees and improving your establishment’s image in the eyes of any potential customers
post construction window cleaning

Post-Construction Window Cleaning

Tempered glass? No problem. With each post-construction project, we handle the pre-work risk assessment, provide safety trained staff, and have commercial vehicle and liability insurance. We've taken care of thousands of post-construction window panes, and we clean each and every one of them

Our Certifications:

Aerial Lift Certified
All Employees are Ladder Safety Trained & Certified
3rd Party Steep Slope Roof Safety Trained
3rd Party Rope Access Training

Roof Cleaning-Treatment

What makes Good 2CU your best choice for your home’s roof cleaning project? Our safe, gentle cleaning solutions are applied with NO pressure to protect your roof and keeps it free of moss and algae 2-4 times longer than other cleaning methods because we treat the entire roof and our product stays because we use a surfactant.

Unlike flowering plants, moss is dependent upon moisture to reproduce, something we have in abundance here in the Pacific Northwest! Moss spores, once ripened, can easily blow about. If they land in a location with adequate moisture, the spores will start to grow. Any tiny crack or crevice, which are present in most roof types, will form a suitable spot for moss to take hold. The key for the roof cleaning contractor is to remove as much moss as possible — without damaging the roof.

Using the wrong method on a particular type of moss will be either less effective or possibly result in roof damage. Never let anyone tell you that their one method of moss removal is suitable for all roofs. We have spent a lot of time analyzing moss removal and are confident we will attack the moss on your roof — with the most gentle method available that will effectively solve the problem. Our Soft wash method is recommended by roofing contractors to safely extend the life of your roof — helping to protect your home.

We also offer...

Roof solar panels

Solar Panel Cleaning

We use pure water and soft brushes to safely clean your solar panels. They are rinsed so that nothing is left to attract dust. This helps you enjoy more efficient energy through your solar panels — and saves you money


Barbara Lively from Ferndale, WA
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Gutter Cleaning

Good 2CU’s professional gutter cleaning makes it easy to ensure that this important task is done safely and properly. In addition to removing the debris from the gutters we inspect downspouts for blockages and dis-assemble and clean out if necessary. Our gutter cleaning service includes cleaning downspouts to ground level. Cleaning or clearing blockages underground is not included and is an additional charge

Good 2CU can clean and shine the face and bottoms of your gutters when we clean them out. Removing the green and black and returning them back to the way they looked when they were new!

Though you might not realize it, your gutters actually have an important role to play in keeping your property safe from water damage. Clean gutters funnel water off your roof and safely into the perimeter drainage system. This keeps water away from the foundation, so it's not able to cause damage to your home.

Gutter cleaning in progress

House Wash

Good 2CU soft washes your building covering it with our proprietary cleaning solution. After the cleaning solution works its magic, we rinse the house with low pressure water removing all organic material. No high pressure — protecting your home from potential damage.

Good 2CU cleans stucco, dryvit, painted siding, metal, gutters and brick. House washing is dramatically less expensive than painting.

pressure washing

Pressure Washing

Are streaks and stains hurting your home’s curb appeal? At Good 2CU, we also offer property care. Our pressure washing service is perfect for home or business owners who want experts to safely remove stains and streaks for a fresher, cleaner, and safer property.

Our specialty? Pressure washing with zero streaks. Our technicians pressure wash to remove all dirt and slippery residue. This not only makes everything look better — but reduces slip and fall hazards too. We’ll pressure wash your walkways, driveways, brick, decks, and fences.

pressure washing

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know that there are 15,000 fires caused every year by dirty dryer vents? If you find that it takes longer to dry your clothes than normal, it is likely that you will need your dryer vent cleaned.

At Good 2 C U, we remove lint and other debris from your dryer vents safely and ensure that every inch of your dryer vent is thoroughly cleaned. By investing in professional dryer vent cleaning services, you can reduce the risk of fire, reduce energy consumption, and dry your clothes faster.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Good 2CU truck

Why Customers Trust Good 2CU

Good 2CU is a family-owned company based out of Ferndale, serving all of Whatcom County, Skagit County and North Island County. With over 15 years of experience, we focus on the details to give you a higher level of service. We’re not interested in quick cash — we’re interested in creating lifelong relationships with our customers and being your go-to-guys when it comes to window cleaning and home care.

As a licensed, insured company who invests in training for each of our employees, we work hard to ensure your cleaning experience goes smoothly. Whether you're looking for a roof cleaning/treatment on a steep sloped roof, window cleaning or any of our services, we'll provide you with the peace of mind knowing you've hired pro's. And if you aren’t satisfied with our service, we’ll re-do the job so it’s done to your standard — guaranteed! But don’t take it from us: read what your neighbors throughout Bellingham and Whatcom County are saying.

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