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Hello To A Clean, Well-Maintained Roof — It’s Good To See You Again!

Is your roof covered in mosses, algae or other stains? If so, it’s likely your roof is in need of a professional clean. This is not just for its appearance, but it's also for its longevity. The organisms that make your roof home are causing damage to it and can reduce the life of your roof.

At Good 2CU, we provide safe and effective roof cleaning. Our soft wash roof cleaning solution lasts 3-4 times longer than other roof cleaning techniques and because we use no pressure, it means your roof remains protected.

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Your roof is the protector of your home – it’s essential it is well maintained to attain its projected lifespan and to keep your house dry.

The Pacific Northwest has an abundance of moisture – something moss loves! And with the many crevices’ roofs have, it’s easy to understand why destructive moss is on so many roofs. Safely removing moss from roofs not only returns the roof to a new look, but also extends your roof’s life and protects it from devastating water damage to your home.

At Good 2CU, our team has spent years analyzing and safely removing moss. Our safety trained team will protect your property. Our soft wash method ensures your roof remains undamaged. Safe, gentle cleaning solutions keep your roof moss and algae free 3-4 times longer than other cleaning methods, because your roof is treated with a surfactant.

Good 2Cu’s soft wash roof treatment has a 2-year moss free guarantee!

Our treatment extends the lifespan of your roof!

Extend the life of my roof
Roof moss removal for home in Whatcom County, WABefore and after photograph of flat roof moss removal in Whatcom County, WA


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Extend the life of your roof by having it professionally and safely cleaned.

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